Monday, September 21, 2009

Walking with Woodsy

A while back, Woodsy posted We Love Zoom, or The Canadian Culture, Eh! Game on the Elgin Street Irregulars blog. My thorough comprehension of Canadiana won me a door prize (as documented in the comments): the next time we got together, Woodsy would buy me a treat from a bakery.

I redeemed my prize last Wednesday. We met up on Elgin street (which we do regularly), and walked to the ByWard Market. I was reminded that I don't go there often, especially during daytime.

As we passed by the National Arts Centre, we came up behind a tall man dressed up in cowboy getup. Woodsy, having forgotten her camera, whispered anxiously at me to take a photo. Instead of sneakily shooting the cowboy from behind, I just asked him as we passed, "Excuse me, my friend really wants to have her photo taken with you." He obliged. The two chatted, while I photographed. Then he turned to leave, without posing for the camera. I was worried about how I'd post the photo without revealing Woodsy's secret identity.

He explained photos look better in a natural setting. I cursed myself for claiming Woodsy wanted a photo of him with her. Nevertheless, I had a plan.

So here is a photo of the cowboy (played by himself) talking with Woodsy (played here by Elizabeth Garvie):

Woodsy says the following about the cowboy:
He is from Wyoming, he has been a fireman for over 35 years, he was here for the memorial, he's 63, and he has a good firm handshake - Woodsy likes that in a man.
We continued into the market, sat down for a sandwich and remarked at the sanitation habits of the deli staff, and continued on to this great little antique store, Roy's Rubble:

It was quite serendipitous that we went there, as the first thing I laid eyes on were some door brackets, which another friend of mine was searching for. There was lots of other interesting kitsch in there, none of which I was particularly interested in. Woodsy bought some things and we began our return trip. We stopped at the "Obama" bakery along the way and Woodsy (as promised) bought me a pastry (it was very tasty--thanks Woodsy!)

We noticed scattered throughout the Market a bunch of these sets of four yellow spots on the sidewalks, such as this one outside Irving Rivers:

Noting the recent chatter about the City wanting to regulate buskers in the Market, we speculated that these must be Free Speech zones. They really need to be labeled more clearly...

We headed back under the Terry Fox underpass, lamented the fence, and returned to Elgin.

'Twas a fun time!

- RG>


Anonymous said... romantic..but then any outing with Woodsy is bound to be romantic, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Instead of sneakily shooting the cowboy from behind, ...

You should never, ever, ever make someone the subject of a photograph without asking. It's just plain rude. And it gives photographers a bad name.

(Of course the caveat here is "make someone the subject" - people being in your pictures is fine, since they're part of the scene)

Woodsy said...

RG, I'm usually played by Cher, but I guess Elizabeth Garvie is quite classy too.

Tcha said...

ach! Here is the cowboy :)