Thursday, August 13, 2009

Book release Friday: "SUN, FUN & SLAVERY : How to South Became the North's Playground"

Exile Infoshop is hosting a book release this Friday. Below is the text of the announcement.

SUN, FUN & SLAVERY : How to South Became the North's Playground

a new book by our very own, Nelson Ross Laguna

"In our attempts to re-invent our own little paradise in someone’s else’s
backyard, we have in turn recreated a system we were determined to

Friday, August 14th, 2009

8:00pm - doors open
8:30pm - one-on-one with the author

Exile Infoshop 256 Bank St. (at Cooper) Second Fl.

In the sixth Exile Press release, Sun, Fun & Slavery, Nelson Ross Laguna
explores modern day tourism in the americas and its intersections with
terrorism. Exposing modern tourism's calculated and disastrous effects in
South and Central America. As tourism, and the production of tourist
infrastrure entrench the priviliges of the North, and reinforce the
racilaization of poverty, we ask: What are our hidden histories of modern
slavery? How is the path of western imperialism continuing today? What is
to be done? Join us on Friday, August 19th for a discussion with Nelson
Ross Laguna, who will share his experiences & perspectives on sun, fun,
and slavery.
If you've never been to Exile (especially since they moved across the hall to their current space), check it out, it's a great space with lots of interesting stuff that you won't find in a regular bookstore.

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