Wednesday, June 24, 2009

RG Takes a Break

Last week, I had meetings just about every night after work, and both Saturday and Sunday I had events early in the morning (including Saturday's LRT technology forum - see Eric Darwin's review of that on West Side Action).

This is not an unusual situation for me, but I'd had enough such weeks recently that they've started to take their toll on me.

I decided that I needed a break, especially with preparations for Bluesfest ramping up. So I decided not to go to any meetings this week and take some time for myself. It also helps that I have time off work this Thursday, Friday and Monday.

And what better weather to have during this break, eh? (Except for the lack of air conditioning at home, which I'll gladly suffer).

We'll see how it goes, though. The last time I took a day off for myself, I ended up getting less done than if I had gone in to work and taken the afternoon off to run errands...

- RG>

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