Monday, March 23, 2009

Leveller? I 'ardly knew 'er!

So I'm sitting here in Bridgehead (yesterday, actually) reading the latest issue of the Leveller, a great little new paper put out by some students at Carleton University, and I feel compelled postpone my dinner in order to tell you about it.

I picked up its first edition in late February, when the buses came back from their strike:

I instantly took a liking to the way they treat objectivity: they proudly throw it out the window. They're left-leaning and not afraid to let you know it.

The current edition has lots of interesting stories, including a discussion on de-amalgamation with Capital Ward Councillor Clive Doucet, whose riding includes Carleton University. (I've recently blogged about de-amalgamation of Ottawa here--be sure to check out the comments for my discussion with Klaus)

The main spread of this issue includes a map and article on food deserts--areas which do not have a supermarket within a kilometre.

It's great to see new newspapers cropping up, even in this struggling media and economic environment.

The leveller is published every two weeks, at the beginning of the week, and is free. You can pick it up on the Carleton U campus and at Herb & Spice (among other places, I'm sure), or download it from their website, Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. Just to let you know, we're ceasing publication after our fourth issue and resuming in September when the school year starts again. If you ever feel the need to help us out financially, don't hesitate! And we love letters!

Doug Nesbitt
Editor-in-Chief, issue 2

Anonymous said...

Yay, I love university newspapers since I was once managing editor of my university's newspaper. Both Ottawa universities along with McGill have the best student papers in the country, in my humble opinion