Sunday, November 25, 2007

SMAP: Corporate Edition

While my previous attempts to get the City of Ottawa to acknowledge its support for Motherhood and Apple Pie (SMAP) did not succeed, I found inspiration on the door of a cruiser that was parked by the closed Bank/Somerset intersection:

(click for larger version)

Since there isn't a war being fought with Motherhood and Apple Pie that warrants a sticker on police cruisers, maybe I can get corporate sponsorship from companies like Microsoft, MBNA, and various corporate media outlets did here.

I mean, if they can get endorsement by the Ottawa Police Service in the form of their logos being on police cruisers, then certainly SMAP can! It's open season!

I must, however, acknowledge the two polite police officers who did not tase me while I photographed their cruiser door. Either they were too busy chatting amongst themselves to notice me, or maybe they actually respected my right to photograph them in a public place.

- RG>

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