Thursday, January 13, 2005

Every day, your hands come into indirect contact with 30 penises (bitching)

Apparently, it's true. Every time I go for a piss, I remember this and wash my hands.

However, there are some bathrooms where this is nearly impossible to do cleanly.

For example, and the Rideau Centre in Ottawa, there are some bathrooms where the water only flows if you're pushing this stupid button on the tap. This makes lathering difficult, and it also allows for transferrance of germs through touching it. There are no paper towels to act as a medium.

This makes it very icky. Very, very icky.

I am sure that the number of penises you indirectly contact is much higher if you touch these taps than if you didn't (well, in the men's room, at least. I don't know how many women touch themselves in the bathroom).

I plan to write a letter to the Rideau Centre, and also to Dr. Robert Cushman, the City of Ottawa's chief Medical Officer.

- RG>

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