Monday, March 01, 2010

Earthquake in a bottle

I was reading this Globe & Mail "Project Jacmel" blog entry about a Naturopathic 'doctor' using homeopathic mixtures on Haitian quake victims. The comments are consistently (and reassuringly) critical of the article and its subject.

The best comment, however, is the one at the end of page 3 of the comments, by user Bede:
Does he put some earthquake in a bottle and mix 10 million to 1?
If you don't get the joke, read up on Homeopathy. He accurately describes how homeopathic remedies are prepared: take a substance that causes the condition, dilute it to infinitesimally small amounts, then apply it to the patient.

Not the best place to look is my December 2008 blog entry, Don't ask the homeopath if you need a haircut.

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