Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cough, cough, bitch, bitch... (diary)

Yesterday, on the bus, the driver forgot to release the back doors at one of the stops.

A lady at one of the doors pushed and pushed angrily. This didn't work. So she started coughing ("ahem..."). This didn't work. So she started yelling at the driver. This apparently worked.

I think as she opened the doors, I think I yelled at her something along the lines of "Use your fucking voice."

The point I was trying to get across was that humans have developed language and civilization didn't evolve so people can grunt at each other.

This is just like the pregnant lady who is too shy to ask people to give her a seat, but complains by writing in the paper.

Is there no sense of modesty in these people? (I think 'modesty' is very much the wrong word, but I'll use it anyway) Silence doesn't work, so I must resort to yelling! These people won't read my mind, so I will have to carve my desires into their foreheads with a rusty nail!

In the end, I told the driver, "That's what you get for not reading people's minds!"

- RG>

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