Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Two icky things, and other things (diary)

A couple of things happened tonight.

I saw Super Size Me, the documentary about the hazards of fast food. A lot of it is just plain sick. I think everyone should see it; it gives many reasons for voting Green (though it doens't mention the party). The Green party would shift the focus from treating health problems to preventing them by enouraging a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, they'll do something about all those ads.

An interesting analogy was made in the movie: A typical child sees 10,000 (entertaining) advertisements a year for junk food alone. This means that if a concerned parent were to give an entertaining, amusing message to their child about the benefits of eating healthily at every meal, that child would only receive 1000 such messages, 1/10 of what the corporate junkmakers show. If you've got a kid, get a TiVo (or other PVR) now, or get them to stop watching TV (and Disney movies).

After the movie, as I came home from the bus stop around midnight, there were these two kids who were on their bikes and were wearing dark clothing. I was a bit afraid, but I had my mini keychain flashlight to keep visible. Then, as they passed me and turned up my street, I saw that they were not threatening teenagers, but a boy and girl, about 15. As they were unhelmeted and not lit, I was tempted to shout out "do you know how many laws you are breaking?" Little did I know... (read on)

As I walked up my street, I saw them stop at the end of the block. The girl had gotten off her bike and laid it on a lawn, and it looked like they were talking. Then they got a bit more personal than talking. Then he put down his bike and they both got down on the grass (okay, 'got down' probably isn't the best choice of words). Not knowing what to make of it, I watched from behind my dad's evil SUV, and they didn't seem to see me.

After a couple of minutes, I went inside because I couldn't see much, and I couldn't think of any laws that they were breaking. I went up to my room, fetched my binoculars, and tried to see more, but there was a tree in the way. I collected various electronic devices to try to view and record this, but my view was obstructed, and I didn't want to go back outside, because that would be just weird.

A vehicle went by, and I thought it might be one of their parents, but how could I know. I think that the driver would have definitely seen the two as he/she passed by.

About fifteen minutes after this all started, I heard the whirring sound of a bicycle, and looked to see the boy riding away. I tried to take a picture (no flash, of course), but the exposure was too long and he was moving. I wonder what they did, and quite frankly, it's probably better that I don't know. I also what would have happened if I had said "do you realize how many laws you are breaking?"

- RG.

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